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The International Perinatal Stem Cell Society hosted their inaugural annual conference, co-hosting the event with the Regenerative Medicine Foundation in San Francisco. This one-day program highlighted the work of leading groups from industry, research and medicine and its international appeal demonstrated by speakers from 5 different countries, including the UK, Australia, Italy, Finland and the United States. The session covered topics including therapeutic applications of perinatal cells from the umbilical cord blood, Wharton’s jelly, placental tissue, amnion membranes and amniotic fluid. In addition to updates in current perinatal stem cell research, speakers covered recent advances and current trends in clinical manufacturing, banking and commercialization of perinatal tissue and cells.

The highlights of the one-day event included a keynote address from Dr. Robert Hariri, Chairman, Founder & Chief Scientific Officer of Celgene Cellular Therapeutics. Dr. Hariri discussed Celgene Cellular Therapeutic’s placenta-derived adherent cells, which are currently in clinical trials for Crohn’s disease, Peripheral Artery Disease with Diabetic Foot Ulcer and other indications. This address discussed the lessons learned in commercializing perinatal stem cell therapies highlighting the unique challenges and pathways these novel treatments take from the research bench to the patient.

The International Perinatal Stem Cell Society was also pleased to host Dr. C. Randal Mills, former president and CEO of Osiris Therapeutics, the first company to commercialize a stem cell drug, Prochymal®, used for the treatment of acute graft-vs-host disease in children – a devastating complication of bone marrow transplantation that can be fatal. His address presented the story of the development of this stem cell therapy through research, clinical trials and regulatory approval. Dr. Mills has recently been appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). Dr. Mills’ role at CIRM will be focused on developing and delivering stem cell-based technologies that improve patients’ lives. His support of perinatal stem cell research and the International Perinatal Stem Cell Society highlights the remarkable promises perinatal stem cells have for potential therapies for numerous diseases and injuries.

The International Perinatal Stem Cell Society’s goal is to advance the field of stem cell research with an emphasis on stem cells from perinatal tissue sources. Our primary goal is to utilizing the stem cells from perinatal tissue sources to treat patients.

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